Beards are hot. Science says so.












I so knew this already.

According to a page I ripped out from the March issue of Marie Claire:

Women rate men with full facial hair as more courageous, dominant, trustworthy and confident than clean-shaven men. Plus, scientists say lots of body hair is indicative of high testosterone, the dominant sex hormone.

just saying…

About angelgibson

I am a former big ad agency brand planner, running footloose and fancy-free through the streets of New York City. I read all those huge research reports that explain how and why consumers love or are indifferent to particular brands, the types of messaging that make them break out in night sweats, and the ONE thing you are not doing that your customers really wish you would. I read a lot of other stuff too. I write custom reports, design proprietary research, basically help my smart and fabulous clients become even more so.

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  1. angelgibson

    clearly I need to get more sleep people

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